About Us

Marmocet is a group founded by Jake Conley in 2016. First established in Nashville and also active in Atlanta and Athens (GA), Marmocet is composed of some of the brightest men and women across the American Southeast.

Our mission is to be the best tech company in the world. We aim to write the cleanest, most organized, and safest code, with the most elegant and practical interfaces, and the most reliable products. We believe that usability is paramount, and almost as importantly, that it's not inherently mutually exclusive to safety and security. We will do all of this in a conscious manner and give back to our community, and will we do what we do hoping to make the world a genuinely better place.

Our interests include music, linguistics, artificial intelligence, logistics, and finance. We're currently working on two projects (see the dropdown menu above) related to music and transportation, but we will soon expand to broader horizons.